Executive Committee Election

As the new year is upon us, we are poised for a new team to steer smooth sailing of our beloved Prabasi for the next two years. It is time to complete formation of the new executive committee via our pending election.
The new committee will be elected by the 2018 members only (that means those who got their annual paid membership on or before November 1, 2017). This is due to the fact that this election was supposed to have been completed in 2018 but unfortunately got delayed a bit.
Here are the logistics of the election:
Election Date & Time:  January 26, 2019 between 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm
Location: Burlington Public Library, 22 Sears Street, Burlington, MA 01803
We have several positions being contested in the election. Here are the positions and the contestants:
Treasurer (one position, two candidates):
Ashok Ghosh – A passionate member and a tireless volunteer who has been a long time Prabasi membe, and the Secretary of the outgoing committee.
Somenath Sen Sharma – A passionate member and Prabasi advocate for decades, Somenath has been a former executive committee member and chairman of the Prabasi Board of Directors
Executive Committee Member (three positions, four candidates)
Aninda (Andy) Tapaswi – A recent addition to Prabasi who has made a huge impact with hard work, ideas and a resolve to get things done.
Biswajit Chakraborty – Another recent addition to Prabasi and a hard-working volunteer who has been everywhere front and center in each and every event and much more
Pubali Banerjee – With her artistic prowess, Pubali is known by everyone for her contributions to the community organizing cultural programs and volunteer work
Sameer Chakraborty – A tireless volunteer and advocate of Prabasi, Sameer has been a member of the outgoing executive committee whose marks are everywhere and known by all
Please be there at the venue with your spouse as well (every vote counts!). If you are in a rush, you can cast your vote and leave without feeling obligated to be there the whole period (of course, you are welcome to stay and help).
We all should be thrilled to have so many capable hands who have volunteered their time and energy to take an active role in our community. Please show your support, vote, and encourage them to continue their passion. Win or lose, we all are winners at the election as a community.
Finally, please share this email with your friends as our email database needs further improvement and email system needs to get better to bypass spam filters. Also, if applicable don’t forget to share the email with your spouse if we don’t have both of you in our mailing list.
Yours sincerely,
For the incoming executive committee
Rathin Sinha, President
Bibrata Deb, Vice-President