Durga Puja Oct 11-13, 2019

It is that time of the year, when the Bengali mind within us wakes up in our beloved autumn dream of that kaash flower bounded fields. The festive aura indelibly linked with the beats of dhaak. The smell of new clothes. The savory food, the cultural programs. Those friends and relative nearby. The neighborhood Durga Puja pandal back home. Or the New England school turned Durga Puja festival home. The timeless tale of our Uma’s visit to her parents, the winning over evil demons is the backdrop for all of us to unite. We look forward to soak in the simple joys of life. Chat over chai with friends, dance to the tunes of favorite melodies and indulge in community activities.

We from Prabasi of New England invite you to be with us during this very time of the year and live and relive those moments with all of us.

We start on Oct 11th evening with Dandiya, Live DJ, Dhaak. The Durga Puja runs on Oct 12 and 13. On Sat Oct 12th evening we present the celebrated Anupam Roy Band. On Oct 13th evening we close our festival with memorable songs by Srikanto Acharya.

Looking forward to sharing our Durga Puja festival with you and your family at the Andover High School (Collins Center), 100 Shawsheen Rd Andover MA 01810!

Time : Oct 11th evening to Oct 13th evening

Venue : Collins Center / Andover High School 100 Shawsheen Rd Andover MA 01810

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Watch the video to get a glimpse of Anupam Roy and Srikanto Acharya, who are coming to perform at our Durga Puja just for you!