Puja Sponsorship

Sponsoring is a great way to ask for divine blessings, earn grace for those you love and all of the creations. You don’t need to attend a puja in order to sponsor, you will receive the grace, no matter where you are in the world.

To sponsor a puja events and assets, please choose following options and send an email to ec@prabasione.org .

Category Donation
Maa Durga Protima Decoration $125
Maa Lokhi Protima Decoration $100
Maa Saraswati Protima Decoration $100
Karthik and Ganesh Protima Decoration $100
Saptami Puja $150
Ashtami Puja $150
Nabomi Puja $150
Doshomi Puja $150
Shondhi Puja $150
Protima Mala $75
Puja Flowers $75
Saptami Bhog $75
Ashtami Bhog $75
Nabomi Bhog $75
Doshomi Bhog $75
Dhaaki $100
Purohit $100
Pujo Prasad / Misti $125