2020-2021 Application for Full Membership – Individual

Please note that the Full level of Membership includes FREE ADMISSION to Prabasi (virtual / in-person) events – Durga Puja (2020), Saraswati Puja (2021), Kobi Jayanti (2021), Picnic (2021) throughout the year. Additional member benefits this year includes unlimited access to virtual local cultural events for free and discounted special featured artist events, to be held periodically, throughout the year. This membership also entitles to vote, provided the membership enrollment completed on or before 1st Nov 2020, be a member of executive committee, and attend any other member only events. Please contact ec@prabasione.org to learn more and refer Prabasi Constitution for details.

2020-2021 Annual Full Individual Membership - $170.00

Member Information:


Interest in participation and volunteering:

Terms and Conditions:

If you are planning to visit in-person for Durga Puja Darshan, you must check Puja Darshan - Rules & Guidelines, before your visit.