Prabasi Scholarship Fund 2024

The Executive Committee would like to express our deep gratitude to Dr. Poddar for his infinite kindness and enduring commitment in shaping the academic future of the Prabasi youth and inspiring them to strive towards greater success.

The Prabasi Scholarship Award will recognize deserving students who demonstrate academic achievement and who show commitment to improving our communities. We hope to inspire students to pursue higher studies while promoting self-worth, optimism and confidence in future endeavors and career development opportunities.
We believe that an educated society is the foundation for a healthy community. We envision a community that recognizes the importance of educational attainment and nurtures positive educational outcomes that are accessible to everyone.
All Prabasi Scholarship awards will be guided by the following core principles:

  •  To treat all student applicants fairly and consistently, and not discriminate based on race, gender, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or personal relationships
  •  To safeguard confidential personal information

The Santa Poddar Memorial Scholarship Award 2024


The Prabasi Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce the opening of the 2024 Prabasi Scholarship Award application period!

The 2024 Santa Poddar Memorial Scholarship Award application period starts on April 27, 2024.

The Santa Poddar Memorial Scholarship will be awarded one time based on individual merit to a high school graduating college-bound freshman in our community.
Eligible candidates are invited to apply by 
June 14, 2024, for the Santa Poddar Memorial Scholarship for the academic year 2024-25. Applications will be evaluated by our Scholarship Committee and the award winner announced on July 06, 2024.
Prabasi will disburse the $1,000 Santa Poddar Memorial Scholarship award in 2024 to a deserving college-bound student. The purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial assistance to US high school individuals enrolled in undergraduate study at community colleges or universities in the US; however, certificate/licensing programs, including but not limited to fields such as paralegal training, IT, Life Science technicians, medical records personnel and nursing are also eligible.


Awards will be based on a comprehensive review of completed applications. Selection criteria evaluated by the scholarship committee include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Academic accomplishments
  • Proven commitment and dedicated service to community 
  • Demonstrated leadership
  • Voluntary work at Prabasi
  • School Counselor recommendation letter
  • Essay
  • Interview

Additionally, all applicants must be Prabasi members.


Prabasi will disburse the Santa Poddar Memorial Scholarship – a $1,000 one-time award in the summer of 2024 to a US high school senior continuing as a freshman in a full-time two-year or four-year degree program in an accredited US College, University or Vocational Institution.
To apply for this scholarship, please complete the Scholarship Application form by downloading it from 
here, and submit completed application form along with supporting documents by June 14, 2024 by emailing to [email protected].
We appeal to our community to come forward and contribute to the Prabasi Scholarship Fund. Your donation in the name of your loved ones will establish a long-lasting legacy and help this worthy endeavor. We look forward to your support and participation”.