Santa Poddar Memorial Scholarship 2021 Announcements

Prabasi of New England is delighted to announce the winner of the  inaugural 1000$ Santa Poddar Memorial Scholarship 2021.
The Santa Poddar Memorial Scholarship fund, established by Dr. Prodyut Poddar, in honor of his wife, late Mrs. Santa Poddar, an esteemed former member of Prabasi, commemorates his wife’s lasting legacy of great kindness and fortitude. This scholarship award recognizes deserving and eligible college-bound, freshman students, who are Prabasi members, with demonstrated academic achievements and dedicated commitment to improving our community. The purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial assistance to a graduating senior enrolled in an undergraduate study at any community college or university in the US while inspiring self-worth, optimism and confidence in the pursuit of future endeavors and career development opportunities. Prabasi is truly honored to work with Dr. Prodyut Poddar in fulfilling the goals of this memorial fund by providing scholarships to qualifying students, to honor Mrs. Santa Poddar and all that she stood for, in the face of challenges. See here, for more details about this scholarship.
It is our great pleasure to inform you that Prabasi of New England selected Aishani Pathak as the winner of the $1000 Santa Poddar Memorial Scholarship 2021. Ms. Pathak has demonstrated impressive accomplishments in community service and leadership that embody the spirit of the award and we would like to extend our warmest congratulations to her on her remarkable achievement.
Prabasi of New England also selected Diyala Bera to be awarded a Certificate of Excellence in Student Leadership in recognition of Ms. Bera’s outstanding academic
achievements, community service and leadership. Congratulations to Aishani Pathak and Diyala Bera. We wish them both much success in all their future endeavors.
The award ceremony will be held at our annual picnic event on August 7, 2021. Come join us to celebrate their milestone achievements as they embark on exciting new journeys at college.