Susmit Sen Livestream on Aug 14, 10am ET

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Dear Friends,

Please mark your calendar for Saturday, August 14, 2021, 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM EST to join us online for a sensational musical event to be LIVE streamed virtually in support of Covid Relief in India, featuring the eminent international artist, the most prolific and renowned guitarist, Susmit Sen. 

Preceded by presentations from talented local musicians, this Covid Relief fundraising event, sponsored and produced by Asish Bhattacharya, will showcase spectacular performances by Sen’s current band, the Susmit Sen Chronicles, 

featuring music like you’ve never heard before.

Susmit Sen, the founder of India’s premier fusion rock band, Indian Ocean, has an illustrious music career spanning 30 years. Sen’s singular musical compositions has been inspired by Indian classical and folk music. Indian Ocean has toured more than twenty countries, producing six albums, playing innovative compositions that has captivated generations. Susmit released his solo album in collaboration with some of the most renowned musicians in India (Depths of the Ocean, 2011) and his signature style of playing the guitar has created a sensation.

Today, Susmit continues to innovate, working with his current band, Susmit Sen Chronicles as well as a variety of other musicians and artists to convey what’s most important to him: expression. With its jazz-laced guitar riffs, Indian inspired rhythms, folk beat patterns, unique vocal melodies and harmonies that weave in and out of instrumental arcs, you can be sure to be mesmerized by the arrangements and orchestration.  For more details on Susmit Sen, visit his website here. For a sneak preview of Sen’s incredible artistic journey, please visit his Facebook page here.

We earnestly implore you to open your heart and donate to this noble cause. Your donations will be directed towards Covid victims in India. Do not miss Sen’s nuanced melodies and compositions in Breaking Boundaries Through Music. Buy Tickets Now!

Donors will be provided with the link to the LIVE streaming broadcast prior to the start of the event.